Datto | Autotask Integration is here!

on Feb 18, 2019 in Insights

We're excited to announce the release of our new platform integration with Datto Autotask!

This is a huge leap forward in our mission to unify data for MSPs. We've talked to MSP after MSP, and one thing is clear: everyone is struggling with how all of their tools fit together. The more MSP vendors like Liongard and Datto Autotask collaborate, the easier your day-to-day life becomes. 

The ultimate goals of this integration are to help our partners automate their documentation and take action on it. 

Unlocking Data for Datto Autotask Users
Our Datto Autotask integration allows Roar users to: 

  • Link Liongard Roar with Datto Autotask 
  • Import and map companies
  • Auto-discover domains and TLS certificates with Roar's Datto Autotask inspector
  • Send proactive alerts to Datto Autotask queues
  • Review Datto Autotask billing agreements with what's in Roar (coming soon!)

Turning On the Integration
You can find this in your Roar instance under Admin > Integrations.
The setup instructions for Roar's Datto Autotask integration are on our docs site here.

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