Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roar?

What do you mean by Documentation?

Roar captures system configuration documentation across cloud services, network devices, and on-premise systems, apps/services you manage for customers. Roar's documentation contains system configuration data that is automatically pulled across the systems you manage. For user generated documentation, such as guides, run-books and other manual process documentation, you will still need a separate document management system.

How are you different from the RMM?

Roar completes the picture by pulling rich system configuration details and supplements the data RMMs provide. The RMM focuses primarily on health data of end points - desktops and servers. MSPs are still left with a blindspot into network device configurations and cloud services where agents cannot be installed.

What makes you different from IT Glue?

IT Glue is a great technology-focused wiki. For the most part it still requires staff to manually update content and can go stale. Roar’s integration automatically creates new Flexible Assets and updatesonly the ones we've created within IT Glue.

How are you different from Auvik?

Auvik provides network discovery and visualization. Roar provides deep network device configurations with rich details due to automating the API/SSH access used by your most experienced staff. Paired with Cloud and On-Premise system details, Roar provides unified visibility across all the systems you manage.

Does Roar support SSO or SAML?

At the moment we do not support SSO or SAML, though we can add this feature based on customer demand.

Does Roar update my existing configuration items and flexible assets?

We do not update any existing configuration types, items, or Flexible Assets. Roar creates and updates the systems you choose under our Integrations panel. In IT Glue, once the flexible asset is created, you may relate the item to an Organization’s other assets.

Configurations created by ConnectWise Automate will be different records and can be related or nested as child configurations.

We strongly believe that our data will be richer and more up-to-date than the records updated manually.

How does an MSP use Roar?

Use Cases

Besides it's own comprehensive interface, Roar's continuous system configuration data can be fed into the systems you already use today like ConnectWise Manage and IT Glue.

  • Automated Continuous Documentation
  • Rapid Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis
  • Detection of Change & Auditing
  • Assessments of customers and prospects
  • Assessments of MSP acquisition targets
  • Streamlined on-boarding
  • QBRs, PBRs, & compliance reporting
  • Security, Policy, & User Access Review

How human readable is the data?

You already have enough to deal with as an MSP, we've worked very hard to make sure the data presented in Roar and other platforms is cleanly organized in tables, grids, and formatted to be easily read. What's more, you can export the Live-Table grids from Roar in Excel or any CSV reader.

Can you add custom fields in the data?

If there are specific fields from systems that integrate to that you need, we'll be glad to add them for you. At the moment, end users are unable to add fields.


How is Roar deployed?

Roar is securely hosted on AWS as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Private, dedicated hosting is also available. Cloud agents come with the base deployment to inspect internet-accessible systems. There is not an on-premise version.

Do you have an onboarding process?

Yes, our technical consultants will connect with your team to schedule weekly touchpoints and assign specific Inspectors for your team to deploy.

How long does Roar take to deploy?

We use a step-wise deployment process to bring MSPs immediate value. Upon integration with ConnectWise Manage and mapping of Companies, we can auto-discover and import Companies, domains, and TLS/SSL. As they are completed, other Inspectors can be deployed to auto-discover additional assets.

How often do you update the software?

We typically will push an update every 2 weeks, and any hotfixes as needed. Since it's fully SaaS, there's nothing you need to do.

How are agents installed?

Our agents use a poll out method to query the targets we inspect. A single agent installed in a customer site with network connectivity (same VLAN) to the target system can be used for multiple targets, such as Active Directory or SQL server. They can be installed using an RMM script.

What integrations does Roar have?

System Inspectors

We cover Cloud, Network, and On-premise apps and servers. You can find a complete list at Roar Integration This list does not include ones currently in Preview.

What is the difference between Standard Inspectors and Enhanced Inspectors?

Standard Inspectors are included in the base Roar subscription. A minimum of 10 Enhanced Inspectors are included in the base subscription per Customer, with an additional cost per system beyond your agreed amount. See the complete list

Platform Integrations

ConnectWise Manage

  • Import and Map Companies and a Service Board
  • Auto-updates Configurations Types & Items
  • Actionable Alert Tickets are linked with Configs
  • Learn more on the ConnectWise MarketPlace

IT Glue

  • Import and Map Organizations
  • Auto-updated System configs via Roar Live-Tables as Flexible Assets
  • Synced via ConnectWise configuration items


  • Import and Map Accounts and Service Queues
  • Actionable Alert Tickets are linked with Configs

Is Roar Secure?

How do you protect my data?

We take securing your data very seriously. MFA is available out of the box. All data and credentials are RSA 2048 encrypted in transit, and the data volume is encrypted at rest. We’ve undergone a rigorous third-party assessment to ensure we are and remain secure.

How is Roar Priced?

How is price calculated?

Roar is priced by active Companies you create within Roar as "Environments". Upon successful completion of an on-demand or scheduled Inspector payload, the Environment is considered in use and active.

Environments are calculated the last week of the month, and the updated count will be reflected in the subsequent monthly bill.

Do you have a trial?

Currently, we do not offer formal trial periods, but we do have 7-day demo environment you may request access to that grants you read-only access to inspectors where you can see Roar in action. We also offer a risk-free period on all new subscriptions, please contact our sales team at for current offers.

What does onboarding Roar looks like?

What is Smart Start?

Liongard Smart Start

We recognize your first few weeks in Roar are the most critical. The Smart Start Onboarding program will set your team up for success.

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