Last week, over 250 MSPs ventured to GlueCon in Phoenix to learn from the best in the business. Read our thoughts on the hottest new trade show in the channel.

GlueCon 2018 Wrap-up

on Sep 25, 2018 in Insights

Our thoughts on GlueCon 2018 and the future of Automated Documentation

Integrations and Automation, the Keys to Growing Your MSP in 2018

Last week, over 250 MSPs ventured to GlueCon in Phoenix to learn from the best in the business with thought leaders like Gary Pica, Steve Lewis, Todd Kane, Rob Ray, Verne Harnish and more. Attendees witnessed an epic industry debate, “The Panel of Titans,” where the CEOs from ConnectWise, Kaseya, Datto, Continuum, IT Glue, and Trumethods shared their collective views on the future of the MSP. One thing became clear: the ability to harness automation and the right integrations is more important than ever before.

For IT Glue, this means continually growing their integration partners to further empower their users. IT Glue’s Luis Giraldo, VP of Product, and Nadir Merchant, VP of Development, announced Liongard as one of their API Integrations. They also shared how their users can harness Roar along and with their initial native Cisco Meraki, Office 365, and Auvik integrations to enhance MSP documentation practices.

Liongard's Integration with IT Glue
Liongard recently rolled out Live-Tables, which render rich, clean, automated system configuration documentation straight into IT Glue from Roar. This eliminates the endless hours of manual effort required to update system documentation. Roar creates Flexible Assets in IT Glue and auto-fills the form fields, so your employees don’t have to.This means your team can spend more time on critical thinking tasks like resolving customer issues. From the traffic at our booth at GlueCon last week, it looks Roar is onto something here!

Using Automation to Update Flexible Assets
Keeping your documentation fresh and up-to-date became a recurring theme throughout the conference. Merchant and Caleb Albers of Keystone Technologies walked attendees through community scripts to help MSPs "roll their own" integrations to AWS and Active Directory to update Flexible Assets in IT Glue.

When it comes to streamlining onboarding, processes, and trust in documentation, automation seems to be the answer. At Liongard, we believe automated documentation is the future. Our team is on a mission to continually build inspectors that document systems across the stack. We’re at 25 systems and counting--and always taking customer requests on what to build next. We don’t think MSPs should need to rely on their staff to write, maintain and debug PowerShell and cURL scripts to automate their documentation. That’s why we built Roar.

Beyond just bringing back raw data, Roar takes system intelligence one step further. Roar captures detailed snapshots, and returns insight by connecting the dots for you. It's good to know users, but which ones are privileged, stale, or both? Expiration dates are great, but how many days away is that? With Roar's Actionable Alerts and Change Monitoring, MSPs can be proactive and vigilant with their customer service.

Automation is the Path Forward

We're excited to see MSPs are demanding more options for automation to regain control over their processes and profit margins. We built Roar to enable high performing and innovative MSPs with best-in-class automation in the systems they need it: whether it's IT Glue, their PSA or elsewhere. Roar starts where the RMM stops, providing the visibility and answers MSPs need.

We'd like to extend our appreciation to the GlueCrew for their hospitality and generosity. To Chris Day and the IT Glue leadership team for having the vision and determination to bring together the industry leaders and leading MSPs for us to connect with. See you there next year!


Up Next: IT Nation Connect

Team Liongard will be at IT Nation Connect in November. Come join us in Orlando to learn more about how we can help drive unparalleled automation for your MSP. If you're planning on attending GlueCon next year, we'll definitely be there as well.

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