Automate IT Glue system documentation with Roar Live-Tables

Up-to-date, rich and reliable configuration details where you need it.

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Bring the power of Roar's automation to IT Glue. It's time to ditch manual form fields and stale documentation. Get critical system data synced directly into IT Glue and give your team documentation they can trust again.

Pre-incident Unified IT Management

New! Control what you push into IT Glue with Field Control with FA

We allow each MSP to configure the automated data that is placed into Flexible Assets, eliminating extraneous information, allowing for quick access to pertinent data that significantly reduces ticket resolution time.

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IT Glue Integration Features

How it Works

System Inspectors

Select which systems you want Roar to create Flexible Assets for in IT Glue. Check out the complete list of systems Roar inspects


You go to IT Glue for answers, and we keep system information up-to-date and mapped to the right organization.

Related assets

View the Flexible Assets Roar creates and quickly associate them with related items in each environment.  

Changes Over Time

Need to know what changed? A simple click takes you to Roar's timeline of historical data and actionable insights. 

Automating Flexible Asset Updates

Choose which Inspectors create Flexible Assets in IT Glue

Whether it's a few systems you want to see in IT Glue or you want them all. Roar creates custom Flexible Assets and will keep them updated with Live-Tables so your team has what they need, when they need it.

Push only the Inspector data you want to Flexible Assets in IT Glue.

Rich Live-Tables

Up-to-date system data in IT Glue, organized in intuitive grids

Raw system configuration data can be time-consuming to sift through. Roar presents data in clean, organized grids that are simple enough for everyone on your team to understand. 

Assessment rules are built to give your MSP the deep expertise you need.

Sync Roar to ConnectWise Configurations and IT Glue

With Roar, push updated system configuration details into ConnectWise Manage

If ConnectWise is another data mothership for your team, you can sync Roar data here from IT Glue. Together, the integrations between IT Glue, ConnectWise, and Roar make mature data practices even more attainable for your team. 

Sync data between ConnectWise and IT Glue to enable Roar inspection data to appear under Configurations.


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Automated System Documentation

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Critical Change

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