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Announcing Metrics & List the next step in automated documentation

on Nov 16, 2018 in Insights

Automated documentation is just the first step in fully harnessing the data Roar provides to MSPs. The insights that can be drawn from the data is invaluable for every member of the MSP team.

Metrics and Lists is an exciting new feature that enables MSPs to get to Insights from Roar's automated documentation. By distilling the data collected on users, devices, expirations dates, and more into simple counts and lists, Roar becomes an invaluable source of up-to-date metrics for the rest of the MSP. 

This includes account management, sales teams, and on up to the C-suite. An aggregated list of Metrics means all the vital stats of a customer can be viewed in a simple dashboard and exported for health checks and rapid periodic business reviews. Metrics eliminates the need to escalate to engineers, not only saving valuable time, but insight on how to grow a current relationship.

The first powerful new use case for Metrics is Billing Review. By presenting up-to-date counts from the managed systems, such as licenses from Office 365 against ConnectWise Agreements and Additions, accounting teams now have a single dashboard for quick reconciliation against what's billed to the customer. 

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