Liongard on Channel Futures: The Doyle Report

on Feb 12, 2018 in Insights

The Doyle Report: Looking to Better Manage All of Your Customers’ Tech Assets? Liongard Might Have You Covered

Liongard was recently featured in Channel Futures' The Doyle Report which discusses how MSPs can better manage their system assets through simplifying security automation. We chatted with T.C. Doyle, Senior Director of Content at Channel Futures, about our backgrounds as former MSPs. Having struggled with the on-going proliferation of IT, we made it our mission at Liongard to bring visibility and security insight to the core teams managing IT operations.

The article outlines how with Roar, MSPs gain a unified IT management and automation platform that surfaces the configuration state data of systems and services in the cloud, network, and on-premise.

“Our aim is to go ultra-wide. None of the PSAs are focused on integrating data from Microsoft Office 365 to Azure to Google Business to Active Directory SQL Server to Dynamics to Salesforce, etc. We look at those systems because that is IT today.” 

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