Do you have complete visibility across all customers?

Capture the full picture with high resolution discovery.

Automate Environment Discovery with Roar

Discover important details that are missed

MSPs should trust, but verify with confidence, the information provided from customers and MSP staff alike, is complete and accurate. Roar's deep discovery gives MSPs the ability to properly scope and proactively manage their customer relationships.

Discovery across all systems

Public Internet

Deep and detailed web domain DNS, A, C, MX records, subdomains, and SSL cipher strength.


Coverage of major SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS solutions implemented by your customers - Office 365, Azure, and AWS.


The core infrastructure to every environment including routers, firewalls, switches, and access points. 


Coverage of traditional on-premise systems including Active Directory and SQL Server.

Solid service levels are built on complete IT asset discovery

Customer SLA suffers due to incomplete information.

A profitable MSP depends on having accurate and detailed system information to properly scope customer relationships. The more you know, the more you're able to understand customer needs and address them in a timely manner. MSPs can quickly retrieve and rely on the data Roar provides to be comprehensive and accurate.

Automated discovery to retrieve data against Office 365, Cisco Meraki, AWS, SQL and more.

High-level asset discovery is inadequate

Valuable insight can only be derived with deep discovery.

MSPs must progress beyond manual spreadsheets, questionnaires, single-purpose audit tools, and awkward customer meetings. They're inadequate, time intensive, and often incomplete due to the rapid adoption of Modern IT. MSPs geared for the next level must demand automated deep discovery into their customers' cloud services, networks, and on-premise assets – and the systems they depend on.

Roar captures all the detailed system data you need to avoid manual spreadsheets and questionnaires.

Eliminate the element of surprise

Stop unknown assets from creating havoc on your service desk.

Nothing disrupts the confidence a customer has in their MSP as much as surprises. Whether it's an unknown asset that wasn't declared by the customer, or an incomplete audit performed by MSP staff – the lack of clarity and accuracy undermines the trust customers placed with the MSP to have "everything under control." Roar's discovery delivers the deep visibility into system details MSPs need.

Detailed asset discovery across the systems MSPs manage leads to no surprises.
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