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Liongard chats with SmarterMSP

on Aug 13, 2018 in Insights

Ask an MSP Expert: Helping MSPs - One question at a time

We sat down with Lauren Beliveau at SmarterMSP to chat about how an SMB's default settings can lead to security issues. If MSPs are responsible for anything at all, documenting and maintaining continuous awareness of their customer configurations is critical. There are already too many headlines about open AWS S3 buckets, Admin/Admin credentials on web apps, and ANY/ANY rules on firewalls. This is why it's critical for MSPs to look towards automation because it's almost impossible to keep up with manually. 

This Ask an Expert article explores how it's good to establish a golden blueprint for your customers' systems. This aligns with working to drive customers to a converged stack that your team has deep knowledge into and can support in their sleep. Not only does this drive exponential efficiencies, but allows you to track deviations from best practices - whether it's changes by inexperienced staff or by the customer.

Ask an Expert: How can I make sure SMB default settings are aligned with best practices? by Lauren Beliveau was originally published on April 30, 2018

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